Continuing Freshman Adventures!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year, and if you are in college, Spring Semester! These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. Between spending break watching Black Mirror with my (amazing) brother, rushing sororities at Cornell, and going to my first set of classes, I have found myself in a whirlwind of deep thinking, new friends, and excitement for the future. Here in Ithaca, the weather … Continue reading Continuing Freshman Adventures!

Finland Adventures

Hi there! For the past week I have been in Finland, exploring nordic culture with my family. Our adventures included storming the Helsinki market square, taking day trips to the small town of Porvoo and country of Estonia, and playing around with local monuments. Although the freezing weather and five hours of daylight took a lot of getting used to, by the end of the … Continue reading Finland Adventures

Reflections on Cornell’s Sustainability Leadership Summit 2017

Today I had the opportunity to attend Cornell’s Sustainability Leadership Summit. The event was hosted by and for the President’s Sustainable Campus Committee (PSCC), which exists as a “living laboratory” for on-campus sustainability solutions. The event was split into five segments: welcome remarks by Rick Burgess, a creative dialogue panel about sustainability, learning, and innovation on campus, various workshops (I attended one on integrating strategies … Continue reading Reflections on Cornell’s Sustainability Leadership Summit 2017

Commentary on Sustainability’s Social Responsibilities

As an environmental science major, blogger, and (hopeful) researcher, I am really fortunate to be forced to ponder what sustainability looks like in a variety of contexts. In my last post, I broadly explained how integrity fits into the definition of sustainability and then evaluated a series of cases of sustainable integrity. Today, I come with a deeper focus on integrity specifically in the social … Continue reading Commentary on Sustainability’s Social Responsibilities

The Integrity of Sustainability

I’m not a huge follower of the meme craze. Pictures with a very unassociated caption are funny and all, but at the end of the day, I struggle to relate to a muppet wearing a black hood.┬áDespite my unpopular meme opinions, I cannot ignore the friends who constantly repost and comment on those witty-captioned images. And then this happened. If you’re anything like me, you … Continue reading The Integrity of Sustainability

Anorexia: My Victory

I thought I was going to blog about sustainable college dorm essentials this week, but something else is on my mind. The process of moving into college has been accompanied by a variety of emotions. Between searching for the familiar and tripping over the new, I find that failure, in the best and worse of ways, is inevitable. After weeks of wrestling with academics, health, … Continue reading Anorexia: My Victory

Coffee Coffee… Buzz Buzz Buzz

Confession: I have recently started to drink coffee. I know- I only started to drink coffee at eighteen years old, and am a complete novice to the entire concept of coffee. However, I find myself surrounded by several questions, thoughts, and situations of dependence on the subject. My relationship with coffee, or rather all things caffeinated, began on March 22nd of 2012. I got back … Continue reading Coffee Coffee… Buzz Buzz Buzz

Intro to College Sustainability

As a child, I would dream of university. The concept of a place devoted to learning, where everyone had books and bicycles and buildings were majestic, made me believe that there were at least several institutions where I would truly fit in. Now that I am here, I see that my childhood dreams left out a critical factor of the perfect college experience: sustainability. I … Continue reading Intro to College Sustainability

The Refined Sugar Experiment

Hi everyone! Summer is right around the corner, and it seems that everyone is talking about diets, exercise, and the beach. You know that’s not how Adventurously Organic rolls though. Sustainability, as a “diet,” is completely different from “dieting.” That being said, recently, a huge change happened in how my diet reflected sustainability. I think that more than a couple of times, I have mentioned … Continue reading The Refined Sugar Experiment