Why I won’t eat açaí bowls

Açaí bowls! I feel like the name is a good enough introduction. Açaí bowls. It just rolls off your tongue. Welcome all trendy foodies and indigenous peoples. Açaí bowls represent a recent shift in health food habits, gaining attraction from both carnivores and omnivores in the past few years. Now, as you all know, this blog is pretty dedicated to organic food and sustainable farming, … Continue reading Why I won’t eat açaí bowls

Industrial Agriculture Woes

Hi everyone! So this post is a little different because it is based on work I did in the past school year. I think that the blog title pretty much implies this, but I hate industrial farming. If the farming practices are not sustainable, organic, or beneficial to public health, then I personally believe they should not be practiced. Some may argue that since industrial … Continue reading Industrial Agriculture Woes

My favorite non-perishables

Whether I am on the trail or in a classroom, sometimes non-perishables are necessary for nourishment. Fruit has exploded at the bottom of my bag before, and I don’t know about you, but I hate the smell of rotten pear juice… Okay. Ew. On a better note, there are plenty of environmentally-friendly, organic, and many-a-time vegan non-perishable foods that are actually satisfying. I find that super … Continue reading My favorite non-perishables