The Perfect PB&J

Confession: I am sort of addicted to Peanut Butter & Jelly (preserves sweetened with white grape juice, to be precise). Put the two in a sandwich and I’m sold. Add a little twist and incorporate them in a smoothie, ice cream, or energy balls and my peanut butter jelly-o-meter goes out of control! Growing up, I hated jelly! So everyday for lunch I had a peanut butter … Continue reading The Perfect PB&J

The danger of being trendy

Hm… This title might be a little more ominous than I originally anticipated. Oh well! Maybe the fear will translate into hardcore dedication to non-trendiness. Okay. Slow down, Karen. Let’s start with some background before we get into the literally bold statements. This post is a much-promised and much-thought-about piece of writing that spun off one of my earlier posts: Why I won’t eat açaí bowls. Although the … Continue reading The danger of being trendy

Review: The Mae Deli

Chew on this: You are sitting on a comfortable couch, reading through the eloquence of Thomas Hardy and suddenly someone offers you dessert. Dessert? Your mind buzzes as you recognize the lack of real after-meal sweets ever since you relinquished refined sugar from your diet. So you rip your eyes from literary genius and somehow manage to move your legs; food is the ultimate cure for … Continue reading Review: The Mae Deli