Environmental Jargon Debunked

“Catalytic hydroprocessing must be optimized for renewable alkane production; perhaps we can use photovoltaic cells that grow in semi-continous states!” If you understood that, then we should chat about microbial fuel! But seriously, jargon is the world’s biggest enemy. How many of you read that quote and thought: “What the heck is that/it does not even matter/I am too lazy to understand/environmentalists are annoying/we have … Continue reading Environmental Jargon Debunked

Why I am not vegan

*Disclaimer: the goal of this post is not to disrespect, condemn, or enervate vegans. I think veganism, when honestly inspired, is actually a really great lifestyle! But, in an effort to demonstrate the feasibility of sustainable agriculture, I want to share my story with food sourcing. Okay. Starting blog posts with disclaimers is probably an unorthodox introductory method. Luckily, you all know where I am … Continue reading Why I am not vegan

Space Matters

Hello there! How is everyone doing? Pumped for school? Side note: “Only Love” by Ben Howard is an excellent blogging song!!! Ah digressing on sentence 5. Rough start. Last night, I actually started feeling super stressed about college, personal inadequacy, and time management. I ended up staying awake into the wee hours of the night, contemplating my likelihood of failure for all things college/academics/future. After <6 hours … Continue reading Space Matters