Ideas about Idea Books

Happy Wednesday! I’m going to admit, I am kind of insane about planning. My room is filled with sticky notes, notebooks, shreds of paper, and random calendars with different events. When I come home from school, I need to make a new list of goals for the afternoon (many of which I do not achieve… ahem long chemistry labs on paper chromatography… Side note: I’m sorry … Continue reading Ideas about Idea Books

Maybe Thoreau Was Wrong

Disclaimer: I haven’t read Walden… But it’s on my booklist so I’ll read it soon. Okay, it’s time for some imagery. Let me paint a picture of my most recent airplane discussion. Situation: I am reading A MIND BOGGINGLY AWESOME science journal on some french people who designed a photobioreactor that rotated to so that the bacteria growing in the bioreactor would absorb the most sunlight. I … Continue reading Maybe Thoreau Was Wrong

Ode to Seniors

Two words: College Applications. If you’re a high school senior, you get me. If you’re a high school junior, you will get me. If you are none of the above, bless you. Yes, October is the month where college, life, the future, that hideous dress you wasted $60 on, and the prospects that you are insane threaten the homeostasis of your already imbalanced thoughts. Personally, I … Continue reading Ode to Seniors