February Announcement

Hi everyone! Happy February!


As many of you know, I care a lot about food sourcing and food’s general purpose in life. Food gives us energy, and allows us to function, thrive, and progress as a species. However, the number of misconceptions that surround food is astronomical, and a couple of blog posts probably won’t change that.
Many family members and friends have recently been asking me how I choose what I want to eat, and how I have enough discipline to do so. Now, don’t get me wrong, eating should not be about discipline. Eating is about nourishment. However, the vastness of the supermarket and easily accessible misinformation make environmentally friendly and healthy eating incredibly difficult.

After promising the aforementioned family members and friends to compile some recipes and tips that keep me satisfied with my food options, I have decided to grow the project and create a free and comprehensive food PDF. The document will not only feature recipes, however, but will also delve into:

  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Ethics of eating
  • Science of nutrition

And finally

  • Methods for the longevity of “healthy” eating

I hope to release this PDF in the next few weeks, but wanted to share with you all this project. The PDF will be available through the subscription to Adventurously Organic emails, direct request to adventurouslyorganic@gmail.com, or personally asking me. In the meantime, Adventurously Organic will continue to publish content on sustainability in both its environmental and ethical contexts.

Until then, recipes can still be found under the food and recipes tabs of the blog. If you’re eating out, I also have plenty of recommendations for sustainable eats. And if you’re going on a rather long camping trip, be sure to checkout a list of my favorite non-perishables that are sustainable and hearty.

-Karen 🙂


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