March 20th, 2017 Updates

Hello everyone!

This post is a day late… Funny story about that.


Some background: I am a crazy planner. I plan literally everything. I have planned my meals for all of April 1st, 2017. So, on Sunday when my afternoon was packed with homework I had little interest in doing, I put off things I knew I would enjoy doing for later- my english homework and this blog post. I planned to finish them Monday night, after school.

But yesterday the not-so-funniest thing happened. I woke up at 1 AM Monday morning with some insane pain in my mouth. Thinking it was nothing, and forcing myself to go to school since I have missed quite a few days in the past two weeks, I highly underestimated the power of severe pain.

Basically, I have this huge sore in my mouth that randomly appeared (my dentist thinks I bit my inner cheek but I have no recollection of this happening). Side effects include: swelling of lymph nodes (that explains why I could not turn my head without extreme pain yesterday), fatigue (I also took four naps yesterday- randomly, I might add), and achy-ness (besides the general face pain). Luckily for me, I found this magic cream and rubbed it everywhere so that my entire face was numbed. Also, I have been addicted to The Office during my convalescence, which has been really great.


Okay… that was probably TMI but I feel like I really wronged the blog by not posting on Monday night, and I want to record the rationale for being late.

Moving on to more interesting things, the recipe PDF I keep on talking about is on its way! img_0512I just need to test some recipes out and photograph some more of the food. I also kind of went overboard (as I have a habit of doing) and wrote short chapters on the intention behind sustainable eating. I think that I will just publish those on the blog instead so that the recipe PDF is not too overwhelming.

That being said, today’s post was going to be entitled The Idealist’s Silent Compromise, but that post will have to wait until the recipe PDF is published. Until then, I will be releasing the chapters aforementioned.

I hope these next couples of weeks shed light on what sustainable eating is, how it differs from other food trends, and why it makes sense to try out.

If anything that I write about sustainable eating is confusing, or just seems like another fad, please do email me with questions. This blog was started to do more than promote a trend, or create the next best thing. In addition to lengthy posts on motivation, reflection, and intention, I want this to be a place of reason for environmental stewardship. Therefore, please head on over to the contact page so that sustainability becomes so clearly outlined that nobody doubts its suitability in his/her lifestyle.

Oh, and be sure to check out upcoming posts! Tonight, “Sustainable Sourcing: What is Sustainability Anyway, and Why Does it Apply to Food?” will be published. Again, these are short articles just to motivate the recipe PDF, so send in any lingering questions for me to elaborate on.

Until then, happy trails!

The trail in New Zealand I currently wish I could return to. 

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