Cranberry Lake Preserve + Kensico Dam

Hello world!

I am very excited to be writing this post for several reasons. First of all, this is the first post ever in the adventure section of Adventurously Organic! I have been waiting for something truly exciting, and this seems to be it! Additionally, reflecting on the moments I spent on this adventure is really nice, and makes me really appreciate the lessons we can learn from nature. This post focuses on a trip I took about two months ago, during the transition from winter to spring, to Cranberry Lake Preserve and the Kensico Dam in New York.

Cranberry Lake Preserve is a trail about 15 minutes from where I live. A couple months ago, at the beginning of the second semester of school, a couple friends and I decided that we’d take a visit and go on a nature walk together. I hadn’t been to Cranberry Lake in a couple of months, and I was excited to go again. A few days before we went, Emily, the author of the first guest post to appear on Adventurously Organic, fellow steward of the environment, and one of the people present on the walk, recalled that she had done a program at Cranberry Lake a few summers before. So we had our tour guide on hand.

The day that we planned to go also proved itself to be a great pick because we had an absent teacher, meaning that we had some time between school and the walk to get some better shoes on and eat. Jessie, the other person accompanying me and Emily, offered to drive. Teamwork always works subtly.

Cranberry Lake Preserve is really quite beautiful during the winter-spring transition. Despite being very muddy from all of the melting snow, the lake at the center of the trails looks like pure glass from the cool air, and the sun shines very beautifully through the deciduous trees.

Emily guided us through all of the greatest parts of the trail, including the main lake, the bent bridge, and the quarry. At each of these places, we were able to sit, meditate, and recognize just how much nature let us think.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Kensico Dam. The height of the dam made everything a bit more beautiful, and catching the sunset was really magical. The entire setting is so quiet and really encourages thoughtfulness and reflection.

Here are some pictures from the day. Two months later, I remember it as one of the highlights of my senior year. Between discussions on mindfulness, respect for nature, and the power of the environment to evoke feelings of serenity and peace, the time spent with Jessie and Emily set a wonderful precedent for the adventure that would and did continue during the rest of the year.

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I hope you all can get outside. Whether you are just sitting on a rock like we did for a good portion of the nature walk or trailblazing for forty days, get out there.




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