Anorexia: My Victory

I thought I was going to blog about sustainable college dorm essentials this week, but something else is on my mind. The process of moving into college has been accompanied by a variety of emotions. Between searching for the familiar and tripping over the new, I find that failure, in the best and worse of ways, is inevitable. After weeks of wrestling with academics, health, … Continue reading Anorexia: My Victory

Coffee Coffee… Buzz Buzz Buzz

Confession: I have recently started to drink coffee. I know- I only started to drink coffee at eighteen years old, and am a complete novice to the entire concept of coffee. However, I find myself surrounded by several questions, thoughts, and situations of dependence on the subject. My relationship with coffee, or rather all things caffeinated, began on March 22nd of 2012. I got back … Continue reading Coffee Coffee… Buzz Buzz Buzz