I’m Karen, and I’m so glad you stumbled upon this blog.

Adventurously Organic is an online space that seeks to emphasize the importance of environmental care. It looks to three key areas of food, quiet time, and sustainability to discuss the methods we can use to truly care for the beautiful creation that surrounds us.

A couple facts about me:

  1. Living in America right now is pretty cool, but I have also lived on two other continents.
  2. I spend my summers (aka not mandatory school seasons) either hiking, kayaking, or working at a molecular biology lab looking to produce biofuels (yay E.coli derived butanol/octanol!!)
  3. I love pink.
  4. Sticky notes, to-do lists, and reminders keep me going. The best way to ruin my life is to take away my notebook, idea book, or agenda.
  5. I’m Christian. It’s a faithful, hopeful, and loving life. 🙂
    (My favorite bible verse is Psalm 73:26)
  6. I read a lot. My favorite books are Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy and Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air by David MacKay.
  7. If I had to be an apple I’d be a granny smith.
  8. There is no refined sugar on this blog! After suffering through a sugar intolerance for a few years, I finally renounced all refined sugar in June of 2016.
  9. I love Sudoku.
  10. I practice yoga. My favorite style is Vinyasa, but I also like to experiment with Jivamukti and Hot Yoga (but no Bikram!!). I am somewhat of a beginner, so I love practicing with people.
  11. I play piano and guitar, and sometimes sing. Movement 1 of Moonlight Sonata brings me to tears every time.
  12. I love to write! Whether it’s about art, science, or my daily thoughts, I love the tangibility of words on paper!
  13. The best way I can describe myself is as a Practical Hippy

I hope you find what you’re looking for on this blog. Whether you want some environmentally conscious recipes, bad humor (I’m not very funny), or just a safe space to come and read, my goal is to provide you with something that will help you see how amazing the world around us truly is.

*I love to hear your thoughts as well! If you have any comments, inquiries, or criticisms, please email me at adventurouslyorganic@gmail.com. I do ask that if you have an especially direct criticism, you embrace your inner euphemist. 🙂