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Absenteeism: Let me be Honest

Remember two months ago, when I posted only twice in March? I explained how the dearth of posts was an accident and would not happen again. Clearly I was mistaken. I do not write this post to legitimize my absenteeism. Rather, I seek to explore what causes us to check out. As you all probably know, I am in my senior year of high school, … Continue reading Absenteeism: Let me be Honest

The Refined Sugar Experiment

Hi everyone! Summer is right around the corner, and it seems that everyone is talking about diets, exercise, and the beach. You know that’s not how Adventurously Organic rolls though. Sustainability, as a “diet,” is completely different from “dieting.” That being said, recently, a huge change happened in how my diet reflected sustainability. I think that more than a couple of times, I have mentioned … Continue reading The Refined Sugar Experiment

Sustainability in Westchester: Composting

Last year, I began volunteering at a local urban farm. When I started, I thought I knew everything about the history of the environmental movement. However, on my first day, I learned more about the roots of environmentalism in the first five minutes of volunteering than I learned reading phony environmentalist articles from my poorly matched Facebook feed. It turns out that America’s modern environmentalist … Continue reading Sustainability in Westchester: Composting

Recipe: Berry Chia Coconut Yogurt Bowl

My high school has a program called Senior Options, where students work at an internship during their final two months instead of sitting in class. Silly me chose an internship that is an hour and a half away, and as a result, portable breakfasts have become necessary. There is always a degree of tediousness associated with to-go meal prep. Having to leave my house at … Continue reading Recipe: Berry Chia Coconut Yogurt Bowl

Cranberry Lake Preserve + Kensico Dam

Hello world! I am very excited to be writing this post for several reasons. First of all, this is the first post ever in the adventure section of Adventurously Organic! I have been waiting for something truly exciting, and this seems to be it! Additionally, reflecting on the moments I spent on this adventure is really nice, and makes me really appreciate the lessons we … Continue reading Cranberry Lake Preserve + Kensico Dam

March 20th, 2017 Updates

Hello everyone! This post is a day late… Funny story about that. Some background: I am a crazy planner. I plan literally everything. I have planned my meals for all of April 1st, 2017. So, on Sunday when my afternoon was packed with homework I had little interest in doing, I put off things I knew I would enjoy doing for later- my english homework … Continue reading March 20th, 2017 Updates

Sustainable Sourcing: What is Sustainability Anyway, and Why Does it Apply to Food?

Sustainability is one of those words that gets tossed around a lot in environmental discussions. At its most basic definition, sustainability is the ability to be maintained. But what does that mean in environmental context? Essentially, environmental sustainability is the idea that the technology and policies that we create should a) not harm the environment and b) be renewable and therefore readily available without fear … Continue reading Sustainable Sourcing: What is Sustainability Anyway, and Why Does it Apply to Food?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothies!

I try and plan my weekends so that Sunday afternoons are the least stressful parts, but somehow that never works. It is 4 PM, and I sit here, eating Teddie peanut butter from the jar with a spoon, blogging instead of completing my other 100 assignments. Maybe one day I will learn to actually do my work earlier on. Anyway, as I trek through the … Continue reading Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothies!

The New Face of Literacy and its Expectations from our Modern Generation

I am so sorry for the dearth of posts in February. I have been working on the recipe guide promised in my last post, and, in an effort to not write half-baked posts, have been more keen on finishing an idea already started than writing about something I am not entirely passionate about. Either way, postless periods will be over as of now. Today I … Continue reading The New Face of Literacy and its Expectations from our Modern Generation