Environmental Journalism is Falling Short

One of the many perks of being at Cornell is all of the free subscriptions I have access to. I recently learned that WSJ is on the list of things I was unaware my heavy tuition covered, and ever since, I have been dousing myself in financial and economic news I would otherwise ignore. I have been a news junkie since high school however, learning … Continue reading Environmental Journalism is Falling Short

What’s up with materialism?

Confession: I have too many things. As much as I enjoy hiking, spending days being off “the grid,” and advocating for sustainable enterprise, I am as much of a material addict as any other American. I never really thought about how much I bought or owned. Growing up in America was always “thing” filled. When I earned good grades in elementary school I was rewarded … Continue reading What’s up with materialism?

Reflections on some college reading

This semester I am taking a class on why people care about the environment. People on all levels from the individual to social movements have tendencies to either destroy, dismiss, or support the environment. Our most recent reading is about the discrepancy in religious environmental values and pro-environmental behaviors. Basically, starting in the 1970s, many scholars hypothesized that western sentiment against environmental protection was rooted … Continue reading Reflections on some college reading

Adventures in the ATL

Hello world! For the past three days, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to fly down to Atlanta to visit my best friend, Lizzie. Adjusting to metropolitan life is normally a challenge for me, but Lizzie has been taking me around to a variety of interesting places. From Ponce City Market to the High Museum and right to Lizzie’s dorm at Emory … Continue reading Adventures in the ATL

Continuing Freshman Adventures!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year, and if you are in college, Spring Semester! These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. Between spending break watching Black Mirror with my (amazing) brother, rushing sororities at Cornell, and going to my first set of classes, I have found myself in a whirlwind of deep thinking, new friends, and excitement for the future. Here in Ithaca, the weather … Continue reading Continuing Freshman Adventures!

Finland Adventures

Hi there! For the past week I have been in Finland, exploring nordic culture with my family. Our adventures included storming the Helsinki market square, taking day trips to the small town of Porvoo and country of Estonia, and playing around with local monuments. Although the freezing weather and five hours of daylight took a lot of getting used to, by the end of the … Continue reading Finland Adventures

Reflections on Cornell’s Sustainability Leadership Summit 2017

Today I had the opportunity to attend Cornell’s Sustainability Leadership Summit. The event was hosted by and for the President’s Sustainable Campus Committee (PSCC), which exists as a “living laboratory” for on-campus sustainability solutions. The event was split into five segments: welcome remarks by Rick Burgess, a creative dialogue panel about sustainability, learning, and innovation on campus, various workshops (I attended one on integrating strategies … Continue reading Reflections on Cornell’s Sustainability Leadership Summit 2017

Commentary on Sustainability’s Social Responsibilities

As an environmental science major, blogger, and (hopeful) researcher, I am really fortunate to be forced to ponder what sustainability looks like in a variety of contexts. In my last post, I broadly explained how integrity fits into the definition of sustainability and then evaluated a series of cases of sustainable integrity. Today, I come with a deeper focus on integrity specifically in the social … Continue reading Commentary on Sustainability’s Social Responsibilities

The Integrity of Sustainability

I’m not a huge follower of the meme craze. Pictures with a very unassociated caption are funny and all, but at the end of the day, I struggle to relate to a muppet wearing a black hood.┬áDespite my unpopular meme opinions, I cannot ignore the friends who constantly repost and comment on those witty-captioned images. And then this happened. If you’re anything like me, you … Continue reading The Integrity of Sustainability