Reflections on some college reading

This semester I am taking a class on why people care about the environment. People on all levels from the individual to social movements have tendencies to either destroy, dismiss, or support the environment. Our most recent reading is about the discrepancy in religious environmental values and pro-environmental behaviors. Basically, starting in the 1970s, many scholars hypothesized that western sentiment against environmental protection was rooted … Continue reading Reflections on some college reading

Commentary on Sustainability’s Social Responsibilities

As an environmental science major, blogger, and (hopeful) researcher, I am really fortunate to be forced to ponder what sustainability looks like in a variety of contexts. In my last post, I broadly explained how integrity fits into the definition of sustainability and then evaluated a series of cases of sustainable integrity. Today, I come with a deeper focus on integrity specifically in the social … Continue reading Commentary on Sustainability’s Social Responsibilities

Intro to College Sustainability

As a child, I would dream of university. The concept of a place devoted to learning, where everyone had books and bicycles and buildings were majestic, made me believe that there were at least several institutions where I would truly fit in. Now that I am here, I see that my childhood dreams left out a critical factor of the perfect college experience: sustainability. I … Continue reading Intro to College Sustainability

Absenteeism: Let me be Honest

Remember two months ago, when I posted only twice in March? I explained how the dearth of posts was an accident and would not happen again. Clearly I was mistaken. I do not write this post to legitimize my absenteeism. Rather, I seek to explore what causes us to check out. As you all probably know, I am in my senior year of high school, … Continue reading Absenteeism: Let me be Honest

The New Face of Literacy and its Expectations from our Modern Generation

I am so sorry for the dearth of posts in February. I have been working on the recipe guide promised in my last post, and, in an effort to not write half-baked posts, have been more keen on finishing an idea already started than writing about something I am not entirely passionate about. Either way, postless periods will be over as of now. Today I … Continue reading The New Face of Literacy and its Expectations from our Modern Generation

Our Scientific Responsibility

Today’s post will be more reflective than formal. I have been awake since 3 AM, spending the morning catching up on the work I missed last week as I attended the International Science Youth Forum in Singapore. My time at ISYF made me realize some things about the pre-undergraduate research community, and I’d like to discuss them with you this morning. I think that essays … Continue reading Our Scientific Responsibility

Why I Believe in God: A Testimony

It is 10:22 on a Monday night. I don’t know why I am still awake, to be honest, and I definitely do not know why I am blogging. This post is something I have thought about for a while. My faith, as my family and friends know, is something very important to me. It is also something I struggle to elaborate on. In conversation I … Continue reading Why I Believe in God: A Testimony

Ideas about Idea Books

Happy Wednesday! I’m going to admit, I am kind of insane about planning. My room is filled with sticky notes, notebooks, shreds of paper, and random calendars with different events. When I come home from school, I need to make a new list of goals for the afternoon (many of which I do not achieve… ahem long chemistry labs on paper chromatography… Side note: I’m sorry … Continue reading Ideas about Idea Books

Maybe Thoreau Was Wrong

Disclaimer: I haven’t read Walden… But it’s on my booklist so I’ll read it soon. Okay, it’s time for some imagery. Let me paint a picture of my most recent airplane discussion. Situation: I am reading A MIND BOGGINGLY AWESOME science journal on some french people who designed a photobioreactor that rotated to so that the bacteria growing in the bioreactor would absorb the most sunlight. I … Continue reading Maybe Thoreau Was Wrong

Space Matters

Hello there! How is everyone doing? Pumped for school? Side note: “Only Love” by Ben Howard is an excellent blogging song!!! Ah digressing on sentence 5. Rough start. Last night, I actually started feeling super stressed about college, personal inadequacy, and time management. I ended up staying awake into the wee hours of the night, contemplating my likelihood of failure for all things college/academics/future. After <6 hours … Continue reading Space Matters